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A bridal party can be as big or as small as the bride and the groom wants. In many instances, a bridal party includes (other than the bride, groom and groomsman, matron/maid of honor) the flower girls, pages, ring bearers, the parents of the groom, and the parents of the bride.

These are the people who play traditional roles in a wedding. In that case, they will be at the forefront throughout your wedding. For this reason, you need to ensure that they look their best from the time the ceremony begins to the very end. While you can trust some of these people with their makeup application skills, there are some who need professional help – including yourself.

Wedding preparations tend to become overwhelming especially as the big day nears. Even when you think you’ve taken care of everything, there are always unattended things that keep showing up, sometimes, a couple of hours to the ceremony. That’s why the bride and groom and the other bridal parties are encouraged to bear as little burden as possible on the material day to ensure that everything flows smoothly.

One of the things that you shouldn’t have to worry about is the bridal parties makeup.

How about having someone else take up the role of making sure that every member of the bridal party is looking their best – as far as makeup is concerned – on the most important day of your life?

And don’t worry. You don’t have to necessarily arrange transport for all of them to show up in a salon for the makeup session. Why would you go through all this pain yet you can easily get an affordable group booking makeup package for your team? You don’t come to us; we come wherever you are, all set to get things rolling.

Why Us?

We come with a wide array of completely safe and reputable brands of makeup products. We know that your team is made up of people with varying tastes and preferences. As such, we are always keen on delivering highly personalised services.

We will listen to you and every member of the bridal party to know what they love and how they wish we approach their makeup. We don’t only listen. Rather we also give our opinion and transfer useful knowledge regarding types of products, selection of colors and the different looks an individual can adopt. We are never tired of performing trials because we know it is the only way our clients can choose the most comfortable look.

Obtaining wedding makeup from a professional comes with a wide array of benefits.

The biggest of them all is that we take away the stress associated with enhancing your beauty and that of the members of your bridal party. Even a simple pampering can significantly improve your mood the whole day.

We also ensure the proper selection of colors. That way, you and your bridal parties do not have to deal with the embarrassment associated with makeup gone wrong. Also, besides ensuring the proper application of the makeup, we also guarantee long-lasting makeup. For the first time, you might forget the need to do a touchup here and there the whole day.

Do you have a wedding or another special event going down in a few days or months and hence the need to make bookings for a group makeup?

If yes, let us know in advance so that we can plan accordingly.

We need to make that day memorable!

Call us and make your needs known to us.

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